Generate Candidate Interview Questions in Minutes

Interview Craft is an AI-powered tool that simplifies interview prep for HR and hiring managers. Our platform crafts personalised questions, ensuring every candidate is evaluated thoroughly and effectively.

A Commitment to Exceptional Hiring

Our innovative AI-driven platform caters to the needs of HR managers and hiring teams, enhancing every stage of the interview process.

Tailored Interview Questions

Generate precise, role-specific questions that align with job descriptions and individual candidate CVs.

Time Efficiency

Automate the creation of interview questions, saving valuable time for HR managers and hiring teams.

Improved Candidate Assessment

Ensure thorough and targeted evaluations of candidates by focusing on relevant skills and experiences.

Better Candidate Experience

Conduct personalised and well-prepared interviews, leaving a positive impression on candidates.

Reduced Bias

Minimize unconscious bias in question creation, leading to a fairer and more objective interview process.

Cost Savings

Reduce the need for extensive manual preparation and external consultation, leading to cost-effective hiring practices.

An array of resources

Our intelligent AI-driven platform simplifies the hiring process for busy professionals, from HR managers to hiring teams.

Add Candidates to a Job

  • Effortlessly upload and manage candidate CVs.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing applicant tracking systems.
  • Keep all candidate information organized and accessible.

Generate Interview Questions for Each Candidate

  • Create precise, role-specific questions in seconds.
  • Ensure every interview is tailored to the job and the candidate.
  • Save time and improve consistency in your interview process.

Advanced Contextual Understanding

  • Interview Craft uses its AI-driven insights to help you explore valuable experiences in a candidate’s professional history.
  • Ask insightful questions about experiences and skills relevant to the job.

Enhance Candidate Experience

  • Provide personalised and relevant interview questions, making candidates feel valued.
  • Create a structured and organised interview process, reducing candidate stress.
  • Leave a positive impression with professional and engaging interviews.

Candidates feel valued when interview questions are tailored to their unique background and experiences.

Annie Steiner

CEO, Greenprint